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Plan a Wedding on Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island BC, Canada Weddings

are special in many ways. An island wedding is memorable because of the good availability of quality accommodations, the many alternative wedding services available, the amazing scenery and natural surroundings on the island which will only enhance the wedding ceremony, the outdoor pictures and the celebration.

WeddingsThroughout the unique communities of Vancouver Island, BC there are many resorts, retreats, gardens, beaches, parks and bed and breakfasts located , either, along an ocean, lake or river waterfront, some peering out over cliffs, others stretching along sandy beaches or floating in scents of pine from the forests and flower gardens. Whether there are mountains in the background, ocean waves crashing against reefs or a rainbow coloured field of flowers - there is one thing for certain - a wedding on Vancouver Island, Canada creates a lasting impression for all who attend from both sides of the wedding party.

WeddingsTo be married on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, you do not have to be a resident but are required to get a marriage licence which is valid to be used only in British Columbia. The age of consent to be married in BC is 19 years old. If one or both of the people in the wedding party have been recently divorced outside the last 31 days then documentation must be provided showing 31 days have past since the divorce papers were issued by the courts.

When applying for a licence to be married on Vancouver Island in British Columbia either the bride or the groom need to apply for the licence producing identification for both of the individuals who are planning to marry and host a wedding. The paperwork required when applying would include identification showing your full names (including given names), birth date and place, marital status and current address. The marriage licence is issued at that time of applying and is valid for 3 months.

The BC wedding ceremony can be presided over by a religious individual or by a marriage commissioner who must have been appointed by the Vital Statistics Agency Chief Executive Officer. Within 48 hours of the ceremony a Marriage Registration Form must be sent to the Vital Statistic Agency.

Welcome to Vancouver Island, your wedding haven.

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