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Port Hardy, BC, Canada
Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Port Hardy, BC, Vancouver Island

The community of Port Hardy, BC, Canada is located on the northern tip of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. The waterfront community is on the doorstep of a wetland marsh and neighbouring the Queen Charlotte Straight. Port Hardy, BC is the largest community on the northern end of Vancouver Island. It is the transportation hub for ferry travel to Haida Gwaii (the Queen Charlotte Islands), Prince Rupert and Bella Coola.

The community is set in a wilderness setting surrounded by thick forests, free roaming wildlife, seasonal ocean currents, secluded islands and remote lakes. Wildlife in the region of Vancouver Island includes Bald Eagles, Red Tail Hawks, Blue Herons, Sandpipers, Killer Whales, Black Bears, Cougars, Canada Geese, loons and Mallard Ducks.

Industry in the Port Hardy region includes fishing, tourism and forestry. The coastal village, spotted with marinas, is a very active boating community with many eco tourism activities available to visitors like wildlife tours, kayaking guides, scuba diving excursions, boat cruises and fishing charters.

The Port Hardy town centre has many of the modern conveniences of a big city - there are just fewer of them. Services include restaurants, accommodations, banks, gas stations, grocery stores campgrounds, pubs, coffee houses, bistros, stores, airport, car rentals and art galleries. One of the best ways to explore the community is by walking the Harbour Walkway Trail which follows the coastline of the community and the wetland marsh.

At one end of the Harbour Walkway is the Canadian Coast Guard Station and Carrot Park while at the other end of the walkway is a wetland marsh called the Hardy Bay Estuary. In Carrot Park there are viewing benches, wood carvings and monuments. One monument is dedicated to Numata, Japan which is Port Hardy's sister city.

Port Hardy is also a destination popular for accessing sandy beaches, hiking and backpacking trails. Story's Beach located just outside of town is popular for locals and is easy to access by car. The San Josef Bay Beach is located an hour down a maintained boardwalk trail in the Cape Scott Provincial Park near Holberg .

One of the least known sandy beaches in the region is located at Raft Cove . The beach requires a short hike but provides a great opportunity for plenty of space and time. Often , one can find themselves walking the beach alone in privacy.

Port Hardy, BC is a jummping off poiint for accessing the smaller villages of the north island region including Coal Harbour, Quatsino, Holberg and Winter Harbour.

How to Get to Port Hardy, Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada:

Travel north 502 km (312 mi) from Victoria on Highway #1. the community just south of Port Hardy is Port McNeill. From Port McNeill continue 50 km (31 mi) north. Port Hardy offers BC Ferry service to Prince Rupert (Inside Passage), Haida Gwaii and to Bella Coola, (Discovery Coast Passage).


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