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Florencia Beach, Pacific Rim National Park.
Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.
Florencia Beach in the Pacific Rim National Park on Vancouver Island, BC
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Florencia Bay Beach
Pacific Rim National Park - Vancouver Island

Pebbled Beach Walking on Florencia Bay Big Rocks on Florencia Beach
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Florencia Bay

Florencia Beach is a sandy beach destination located in the Pacific Rim National Park near the communities of Tofino and Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. The beach shoreline, in a small cove, includes big rock outcroppings, piles of driftwood logs and a sand and pebbled beach.

There are many sandy beaches in between Ucluelet and Tofino. Florencia Bay is one of the lesser known beaches therefore is less populated with crowds.

The pebbled and sandy beach is covered with massive rock outcroppings and cliffs. The rock forms pose as tall monuments at low tide, sending shadows across the beach. And when the tides come back in, especially in the storm seasons, the waves crash and bang sending mist into the air and tossing logs onto the beach.

The driftwood logs are pushed to the top of the beach. Many piled one on top of the other. Past visitors to the beach have rearranged the logs forming mini picnic sites. Some use the driftwood logs as chairs, others for shade from the sun - some use the logs for benches and tables.

During the summer months Florencia Bay is an ideal destination for activities like swimming, sand castles, picnicking and beachcombing. Prior to the beach in the trees are some picnic tables.

All visitors to the Pacific Rim National Park must purchase a Park Use Permit.

How to get to the Florencia Bay

When traveling towards Tofino on the Pacific Rim Hwy look for the road sign indicating the Wickaninnish Inn Interpretive Centre. Just south of Tofino, BC. make a turn onto Wickaninnish Road and travel towards the resort. On your left look for the sign indicating the parking lot for Florencia Bay Beach.


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Florencia Bay Beach in the Pacific Rim National Park in BC eh!
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Florencia Bay Beach, Pacific Rim National Park, Tofino, Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

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