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Pacific Rim National Park.
Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada .
Pacific Rim National Park on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
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Pacific Rim National Park Reserve of Canada
Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

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Pacific Rim National Park

The Pacific Rim National Park is located on the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. The communities of Tofino, Ucluelet, Bamfield and Port Renfrew are considered Pacific Rim communities while Port Alberni is recognized as a gateway community.

The Pacific Rim National Park is a protected, sensitive and diverse eco system created by the Government of Canada. The entire park covers over 13,000 hectares - 6000 hectares is marine park and 7000 is on land.

The park is divided into three regions based on the major attractions within the park. There is the easy access sandy beaches in the Long Beach region, the rough and tough 70+ backpacking trail in the West Coast Trail region and the hundreds of islands in the Broken Islands region.

National Parks - Travelers Choice Award WinnerSome of the activities enjoyed in the Long Beach region of the Pacific Rim National Park include surfing, beachcombing, swimming, storm watching, camping, snorkeling, sea kayaking, hiking, birdwatching and sightseeing.

Activities explored in the Broken Islands region include boating, sailing, fishing, sea kayaking, wildlife watching and scuba diving. Kayak tours and boat charters leave from most of the nearby communities. The Broken Islands is a very popular kayaking and boating destination so prepare well.

In the West Coast Trail section of the park people enjoy hiking, backpacking, wilderness camping and sightseeing. The 70+ backpacking trail named the West Coast Trail (WCT) is the mainstay in this region of the park. It is a rough and tough, challenging 4-10 day hike through thick forests and along sandy beaches.

Throughout the park are various day use sites with picnic tables and services. Campsites are nearby in the communities. A PARK PERMIT is required to enter the park. There are machines at some sites in the park or permits can be purchased in the nearest community or ranger station.

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