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Off Roading, 4x4ing on Vancouver Island, BC.
4x4ing on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.
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Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

There are endless active and deactivated railway tracks, gravel roads and mining roads leading into the deep back country mountains on Vancouver Island, BC in British Columbia, Canada. Some of the gravel roads are off road routes used by atvs, 4x4s and dirt bikes.

The gravel roads and railway tracks provide off roading opportunities exploring mountain ranges, remote valleys and secluded lakes. Routes vary in difficulty. Sometimes it includes traveling through mud, over rocks and boulders and around fallen trees.

In great part, the forestry and mining industry are responsible for many of the active and deactivated logging roads and railroad tracks slicing through the forests. In the pioneer days these same routes transported logs and minerals from work camps to communities.

A great way to see the country is to book a tour with one of the off road tour companies operating on the island. Tours provide a guide who knows the land and the best routes. Transportation varies per tour company. Transportation could be atvs, dirt bikes, jeeps or 4x4 trucks.

Island back country tour companies provide both day trips and overnight trips. Overnight adventures may include meals, accommodations, camping, entertainment and transportation to and from the launch site.

All tour companies include an interpretive guide. A tour guide knows the best routes and where the designated camp sites are for overnight trips.

A guide is always a wise move because the road system does change on Vancouver Island. Floods wash out bridges. Logging operations change the road system. Fallen trees from wind storms block the road . A guide knows the ways around these opportunities thrown at us by nature.

For many 4x4ing is a means to access a favorite fishing lake, a mountain vista or escape for a weekend to their secret wilderness camping spot.

We encourage all four wheeling trips to be done with safety in mind which will ensure a high level of excitement without incident. Make sure to leave no trace behind. Pack out what you pack in.

Have a Great Day 4x4ing Eh !!


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