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Discovery Islands
Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

The Discovery Islands marine route includes exploring the ocean waters around a group of islands including Quadra Island and Cortes Island. They are the largest islands in a group of islands located on the inside passage of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Both islands are part of a popular group of islands called the Gulf Islands.

The closest Vancouver Island communities to the Discovery Islands are Courtenay, Comox and Campbell River. Comox and Campbell River have very good marinas and many boating services. They are good ports for refueling and shopping. The marinas in Campbell River and Comox are within walking distances of restaurants and shops.

The waterway routes in and around the islands are very popular marine routes and recreation destinations. There are many types of water craft exploring the area. The route is popular for fishing boats, kayaks, cruise ships and scuba diving tour boats.

Quadra and Cortes Islands are the two most visited islands. However there are many other smaller islands nearby including Maurelle Island, West Redonda Island, Rendezvous Island and Stuart Island, as well as the islands of East Thurlow, Read, Subtle and Sonora.

Always be prepared in British Columbia waters and have proper tidal and navigation charts when exploring the region. Boating in the region can be tricky. The weather changes, winds pick up and ocean swells develop on a moments notice.

The bigger islands of Quadra, Cortes and Read Island force the currents into a powerful bottleneck creating small rip tides, upwellings and whirlpools. In Bute Inlet which means “violent winds” the winds funnel up the passage with unpredictable velocity.

Some of the more popular areas to explore in the Discovery Islands region include the Octopus Islands Marine Park, Waiatt Bay and the seals at Cyprus Rocks. Other areas to mark on your trip itinerary include the Yuculta Rapids, Dent Rapids, Lower and Upper Rapids, Okis Islands and Surge Narrows.

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