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Broughton Archipelago.
Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.
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Island Communities: Port Hardy & Port McNeill & Alert Bay & Sointula & Campbell River
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Broughton Archipelago
Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

The Broughton Archipelago is a group of islands clustered together off the northeast coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. It is a popular route for boating and sailing when wishing to explore hundreds of uninhabited islands, canyon waterways, sandy beaches, waterfalls, old growth forests and wildlife.

There are many close marinas ideal for departing on boat tours to the islands. The closest Vancouver Island marinas to the Broughton Archipelago are located in the communities of Port Hardy, Port McNeill and Telegraph Cove. There are also marinas in Sointula on Malcolm Island and in Alert Bay on Cormorant Island. Both are part of the northern Gulf Islands. From the northern tip of the Sunshine Coast boaters depart, mostly, from the marina in Lund.

During the summer months recreational boats, yachts and sailboats arrive every year to explore the maze of wilderness islands. Some arrive in their own boats embarking on their own self guided tours while others are part of a sightseeing boat tour with guides, meals and accommodations.

The Broughton Archipelago attracts marine enthusiasts for many reasons. The main draw is the amazing marine and island wilderness scenery. It is a scenery which includes waterfalls, towering cliffs, reefs, sandy beaches, First Nation villages, pictographs and wildlife like bears, whales, sea lions and seals.

As for the actual marine navigation aspects of the trip.. boaters will enjoy exploring the many channels and waterways of the Broughton Archipelago. Because there are so many islands there are many secluded and hidden bays and coves for moorage and overnight camping. Some very well protected from weather and others not so well protected.

There are many, many highlight destinations located throughout the Broughton Archipelago. Most islands are uninhabited and a few include civilization. But if you were to pick a few to visit for sure, it would have to be Village Island and Echo Bay.

Village Island is a First Nation village full of traditions and culture. The Mamaliliculla First Nations have been the people of the island for centuries. They call the island Kwakwa "Village of the Last Potlatch". Potlatches were once banned by the BC Government.

Isolated and remote the village enjoys its privacy. Traditions and culture are strong here. Totem Poles line the shore, some standing , some fallen. The fallen Totem Poles are "returning back to mother earth and putting spirits to rest". You are welcome to view the island by boat. But to set foot on the island requires permission from the Namgis First Nations Band.

Echo Bay is a floating village on Gilford Island and a historic stop in the Broughton Archipelago. Echo Bay is a main port for supplies, refueling and rest. There are some dandy historic buildings in Echo Bay like a one-room school house, an art gallery and Billy Proctor's Museum. There are services in Echo bay like gas, accommodations and restaurant/pub.

Connected to the Broughton Archipelago is another marine destination called Knight Inlet. Located on the west side of the Queen Charlotte Strait, Knight Inlet is particularly famous for Grizzly Bear sightseeing tours.

All who explore the the islands should be experienced in marine navigation with good charts and equipment.

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