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Vancouver Island Birdwatching
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Vancouver Island bird watching
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Great Blue Heron Bald Eagles Nesting Mallard Duck

Vancouver Island Birdwatching is a treat for all who appreciate flight, nature and the outdoors. The art of bird watching is a very popular activity for photographers, outdoor enthusiasts and naturalists for many people throughout North America, of which, many arrive on Vancouver Island to take part in some quality birding time.

Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Canada is fast becoming one of the top island destinations for bridwatching because of the various different eco systems found on and around the West Coast islands. The rugged ocean coastlines, the secluded bays and coves, the many mountain valleys, low lying wetlands, marshes, estuaries, lakes, rivers and rainforest - all provide an ideal setting for many bird species living in or migrating to Vancouver island British Columbia, Canada.

Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands attracts many people interested in birdwatching and there are clubs with checklists available for identifying bird species.

Experienced bird watchers will research island bird migration patterns, preferred habitat, common predators, seasonal activities and diet to assist them in locating a particular west coast bird including beautiful predator birds like the Bald Eagle, Great Horned Owl and Red Tailed Hawk... and some waterfowl birds like the Great Blue Heron, Canada Goose and Mallard Duck.

Birdwatchers say that the prime time to view the many Vancouver Island and Gulf Island Bird species is in the spring and fall seasons.This is when the seasons change and the temperatures are more comfortable, therefore the birds tend to be more active in mating, migrating and foraging.

Some of the Vancouver Island and Gulf Island more recognized birding sites include Gulf Islands National Park Reserve, Botanical Beach Park, East Sooke Regional Park, Wild Pacific Trail, Esquimalt Lagoon, Cape Scott, Goldstream Park, Sidney Spit, Mitlenatch Island Provincial Park, Pacific Rim National Park, Strathcona Park, Parksville Community Park, Stamp Falls, and Rebecca Spit.

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Travel informationRefer to local Vancouver Island communities for a list of the bird watching tours, clubs and birding sites in this region and their contact information.

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