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Directions to Bamfield, B.C., Canada.
Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Directions to Bamfield, BC on Vancouver Island.
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Bamfield, Vancouver Island


From Lake Cowichan (South-central Vancouver Island) : Travel to the community of Lake Cowichan located west of Duncan BC. From Lake Cowichan travel along the north side of Cowichan Lake on Youbou Road or on the south side of Cowichan Lake on South Shore Road.. Both sides of the lake take you to Bamfield Rd. Drive for 125 kilometres along dirt and gravel logging roads to Bamfield. Watch for logging trucks. Always drive with lights on.

From Port Alberni (Central Vancouver Island) : Travel to the community of Port Alberni located west of Parksville & Qualicum Beach BC. From Port Alberni travel south along Franklin Rivers Road. At the main junction on Franklin turn onto Bamfield Road (gravel logging road) and travel south to Bamfield for 85 kilometres.


There is no airport in Bamfield. However, floatplane charter companies do service the region. There are berths in the local marina to tie up planes.


The Bamfield Fishing Dock or Government Dock in Bamfield is 30 nautical miles from Port Alberni, BC and only 16 nautical miles from Ucluelet, BC.

Distance Chart for Bamfield, BC, Canada

305 Km
190 Mi
375 Km
233 Mi
252 Km
157 Mi
95 Km
59 Mi
290 Km
180 Mi
Vancouver (Mainland)
209 Km
130 Mi
145 Km
90 Mi
217 Km
135 Mi
179 Km
111 Mi
196 Km
122 Mi
246 Km
153 Mi
484 Km
301 Mi
217 Km
135 Mi

Neighbouring Communities

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